From Germany to Brazil

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After 15 years of activity, the Beach Volley Center is delighted to receive for the first time a German living in Germany. Accompanied by his Brazilian wife, Adriana, Patrick Ehmann, from Aschaffenburg, a city we never hearded about… ;-), will do us the honor to train with us from 18 to 25 February. This camp, for which Ioane Buffat has already announced himself as a participant, a player who recently was elected « best blocker of the 2018 Trakcyon UVP circuit », a self-directed circuit that brings together the best non-professional players of southern Brazil, will be a great first. Want to join them? Do not hesitate for a second and get in touch with us!

The last tournament?

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The years go by, and I'm getting called into a new tournament 
every time ... and I say every time it's the last one ...
With my partner of the weekend, Otávio, we lost the final at 
the tiebreak. Will I have to get used to the second places? 
What is certain is that I am not ready to get tired of beach 
volleyball ... 
I sometimes wonder if there will still be a life after when I
won't be able to be on the court every day sweaty and sandy?

Victor’s time

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Despite a multitude of camps and beach volleyball lessons given in Geneva for years, and outside of Pat and Lea who were the pioneers of the Beach Volley Center, they are still the godmothers, Victor was our first visitor to the Calvinist city. He came in as a scout, with his girlfriend Morgane, to discover our space so far from the traditional roads, and which maintains precisely its wealth by the difficulty to access it. Who knows if it is not going to be a trigger, like with Nicolas who, after his first visit, brought us several times the group of the Vidy Beach Crew of Lausanne for camps. Whatever it is, his visit gave us a boost of energy on our sand. Great!

Camp surprise

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The presence of Ana, from Slovenia, and Mickael from France at the Beach Volley Center, has increased the activity of our training center. Local youth responded, serving as a partner and sparring to our visitors. Who will return to Switzerland with the desire to put into practice as quickly as possible what they have learned throughout this week, which has for all, as usual, passed much too fast. Maybe we’ll see them back as organizers of a future beach volleyball camp. See you soon, and thanks for the visit!

Air France camp is over!

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A wonderful camp, even if a bit short, which ended with the victory at the closing tournament of the team Jean-Pierre Bozonnat / Jonas Buffat, who finished unbeaten the competition. The youth and the experience together, that has been the secret of this team which left no chance to its partners. All members of the Air France team seemed delighted with the progress made in such a short time, and left saying: « See you next year! » We will wait and see ….; – )

Beach volleyball camp January 2018

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From January 21st to 26th, we will have in a training camp at the Beach Volley Center of Cumuruxatiba the famous team of Air France of Valbonne who announced with around ten athletes, all fans of indoor volleyball as on sand. Distinguished representatives of the Technopole of Sophia Antipolis, Nice region, where Air France owns its data center, we will be keen to challenge their IQ on the sand, not to mention the belotte & caipirinhas breaks …. 😉

Beach volleyball camp for all 2017

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From August 9th to August 13th, I work at the Summer camp of the BeachVolley Club of Geneva. that had asked me to be the trainer. As usual, a group of super motivated young people who applied themselves to learning the base of beach volleyball. Despite some inclement weather, the program was held to the end. Maybe see you next Summer!

Beach volley tournament in Geneva

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As soon as I arrive in Switzerland, Junior asks me to participate in a tournament of 21 May on the grounds of Henri-Golay. Although I am not really jung enough for this kind of joke, I let myself be tempted. Result: 1 place, but all the matches won at the tie-break, because the hardest at my age is to warm-up …. Phew, the honor of the Beach Volley Center of Cumuruxatiba is safe ….; -)

Beach camp in Brazil

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Christian and Sévérine, from Lenzburg, Switzerland, made a one-week stop in the middle of their world tour in our training center. A camp that reviewed the fundamentals of beach volleyball and which, as usual, triturated their brain on our sand chessboard … Probably a hobby that became a passion and a eternal link between the two. Thank you for your visit! See you on the sand, in Brazil or in Switzerland!

Women Beach camp

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Marie and Luana were trainees at the Beach Volley Center, the first for 3 weeks, the second for 5, and their progress was an example for our permanent athletes, fond of sand in this beginning of 2017. Mary, 23, comes from Lorient in Brittany / France, likes beach, boxing and caipirinha. Luana, 19 years old, I had known her during an camp in Geneva in 2013, when she was one of the best players of the U17 of Switzerland, likes to sing and to sleep … and has recovered its passion for the beach, put on standby by serial injuries those last 3 years. Together, they gave our juniors a lot of training to prepare for qualifying for the Brazilian U14 and U16 championships, which we unfortunately had to give up, abandoned in the last few minutes by the authorities who had promised to transport us to Salvador.