6 +2=8 =>256.000 lumens

Posté le 22.09.2020 par JeF Buffat

The years go by… and my eyesight goes down… as I will turn soon 60, I had to react. Here it is, it is done, you would have to be blind not to notice that the photo on the right is clearer … 33% more light, I see the ball again during our almost daily night sessions, I don’t have not yet thrown in the towel, and continue to give a hard time to the youth who navigate between admiration and the dream of dethroning me… This is the patented recipe of the Beach Volley Center of Cumuruxatiba for the last 30 years , as long as I hold on, no reason to change when it works. So far there has just been the electricity bill which has increased accordingly … 😉

Coronavirus beach camp

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2020 seemed to be a year without a beach volleyball camp at the Beach Volley Center, but it was without counting with the coronavirus … For almost 10 days already in quarantine, Jonas, basketball player of the Brazilian professional league, the NBB Caixa, Sabrina, one of the top prospects of Brazilian women’s volleyball, substitute at 19 in the Superliga, both members of the famous club Pinheiros in São Paulo, Thomas who comes straight from Marseille, Julie aloso from France but from Brittany, Gabriella from Poland, Guillermo from Uruguay and JeF from Switzerland, provided us with the ingredients for one of the most international camp we have ever had at Cumuruxatiba. Like what the quarantine has sometimes very good sides… 😉

Beach volley antennas

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After 30 years with bamboo antennas, the Beach Volley Center has finally embraced synthetic, and our net is now adorned with « real » conventional antennas. But promised, it is not for tomorrow that the coconut trees surrounding our court will be replaced by buildings. It is difficult to resist to « progress », we hope that this sprain in the bucolic aspect of our training center will not discourage the most assiduous to participate…;-)

Replay father and son

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9 years after having participated in 4 tournaments in Switzerland, Ioane and Jef, in yellow on the photo, partnered again to represent the Beach Volley Center of Cumuruxatiba at the regional tournament of Caravelas which took place this Saturday, January 25. With a result far below our expectations, and which left us with a bitter taste, because we had the feeling that title was within our reach. A faulty organization, which did not give us time to warm up before the first match against the team that will win the tournament, difficult to soon 59 years old, and a deplorable refereeing in the second game, we were entitled to referees who knew nothing about beach volleyball while the officials went to lunch, did not allow us to defend our chances fairly against the two finalist teams … And the best local team happened to be in the same pool as the three most weak teams… But could we expect better? Which did not take away the pleasure and pride of playing as a family. There may be a next….

First in Germany, what a great camp!

Posté le 22.07.2019 par JeF Buffat

Invited to give a 3-day camp in Steinbach from 19-21 July, I could not refuse this first opportunity that was offered in my career, to go show my methods, my didactic and my avant-garde ideas in the beach volleyball empire of Germany. Mission accomplished, it was a wonderful weekend, surrounded by curious players, who absorbed the new informations and methods with greed. Over the training sessions I have seen progress being made, and as usual, at the end, we ran out of time … So it’s only a matter of getting it back, in Brazil, at Cumuruxatiba, at Beach Volley Center, where you are all welcome, or at the Sportarena of Steinbach, because to read the comments on the whatsapp group formed for the occasion, more is wanted. The ball is in the camp of the organizers, Andy, Patrick and Adriana, whom we thank all, because without them, nothing could have happened. A big thank also to you, all the participants, who have followed my teachings so diligently, because it is the passion to see you progressing so much that gives me the energy and the pleasure to do and to do it again. Ss see you soon, in Brazil or at Steinbach… 😉

Training on the road

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Being a few month in Europe, I couldn’t avoid to give some practices all around. The Beach Volley Center of Vernier, called me again, and after some resistance from my part, I accepted. Maybe some of those athletes will come to our center in Brazil. Yesterday I had 22 participants for the two hours training I give every Tuesday and Thursday, from 19:00 to 21:00 at the Franchises parc, in Châtelaine.
Come on Geneva, we still expect you in Cumuruxatiba… 😉

Night session

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The most international camp of the Beach Volley Center lives its last days. Patrick and Adriana from Germany, who were the initiatorsof the camp, have indeed allowed to meet on our sand athletes from many countries: Lucie and Carole from France, Edson from Argentina. Guillerme from Uruguay, and our trinational Ioane, Franco-Swiss-Brazilian, who has once again allowed us to boost the technical and physical level of the camp, by his commitment and demonstrations. Thank you to all the participants, as well to the players from Cumuruxatiba who came in the best spirit, allowing us to boost the internal rivalry of the camp. It has been a great week, and keep in touch everybody!

From Germany to Brazil

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After 15 years of activity, the Beach Volley Center is delighted to receive for the first time a German living in Germany. Accompanied by his Brazilian wife, Adriana, Patrick Ehmann, from Aschaffenburg, a city we never hearded about… ;-), will do us the honor to train with us from 18 to 25 February. This camp, for which Ioane Buffat has already announced himself as a participant, a player who recently was elected « best blocker of the 2018 Trakcyon UVP circuit », a self-directed circuit that brings together the best non-professional players of southern Brazil, will be a great first. Want to join them? Do not hesitate for a second and get in touch with us!

The last tournament?

Posté le 27.11.2018 par JeF Buffat

The years go by, and I'm getting called into a new tournament 
every time ... and I say every time it's the last one ...
With my partner of the weekend, Otávio, we lost the final at 
the tiebreak. Will I have to get used to the second places? 
What is certain is that I am not ready to get tired of beach 
volleyball ... 
I sometimes wonder if there will still be a life after when I
won't be able to be on the court every day sweaty and sandy?

Victor’s time

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Despite a multitude of camps and beach volleyball lessons given in Geneva for years, and outside of Pat and Lea who were the pioneers of the Beach Volley Center, they are still the godmothers, Victor was our first visitor to the Calvinist city. He came in as a scout, with his girlfriend Morgane, to discover our space so far from the traditional roads, and which maintains precisely its wealth by the difficulty to access it. Who knows if it is not going to be a trigger, like with Nicolas who, after his first visit, brought us several times the group of the Vidy Beach Crew of Lausanne for camps. Whatever it is, his visit gave us a boost of energy on our sand. Great!