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6 +2=8 =>256.000 lumens

mardi, septembre 22nd, 2020

Coronavirus beach camp

mercredi, avril 1st, 2020

Beach volley antennas

lundi, février 3rd, 2020

Replay father and son

mardi, janvier 28th, 2020

First in Germany, what a great camp!

lundi, juillet 22nd, 2019

Training on the road

mercredi, juillet 3rd, 2019

Night session

samedi, mars 2nd, 2019

From Germany to Brazil

jeudi, janvier 10th, 2019

The last tournament?

mardi, novembre 27th, 2018

The years go by, and I’m getting called into a new tournament every time … and I say every time it’s the last one … With my partner of the weekend, Otávio, we lost the final at the tiebreak. Will I have to get used to the second places? What is certain is that I […]

Victor’s time

mercredi, novembre 21st, 2018

Despite a multitude of camps and beach volleyball lessons given in Geneva for years, and outside of Pat and Lea who were the pioneers of the Beach Volley Center, they are still the godmothers, Victor was our first visitor to the Calvinist city. He came in as a scout, with his girlfriend Morgane, to discover […]